Point-of-Purchase Display & Design

Sterling Graphics’ in-house display division is a manufacturer of temporary Point-of-Purchase displays and materials.

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Our goal is to provide our customers with the most versatile finishing and P.O.P. operations available in the marketplace.

With award-winning design, engineering and quality manufacturing, our customers tell us that we are among the best in the business.

Our fulfillment and distribution have distinguished our clientele in their niches, meeting and exceeding expectations.

From counter displays and toppers, to life-size standees and large format displays, Sterling Graphics can handle design, manufacturing and fulfillment of all your P.O.P. needs.

Our Other P.O.P Products include:

Shelf Strip
Case Card
Mass Display
Counter Display
Display Pricer
Shelf Pricer
Channel Strip
Pallet display
Pole Topper

Case Stacker
Carton Rider
Uber Carton Rider
Tear Pad
Shelf Talker
Invitation to Purchase
String Necker
Bottle Necker
Ceiling Dangler
Coupon Pamphlet
Coupon Tear Pad
Case Wrap
Stand Up

Cold Box Acetate
Counter Unit
Case Sleeves
Case Stacker
Case Tucker
Bin Card
Corrugate Bin
Necker/Shelf Talker Combo
Mini-Mass Display
Carton Rider / Bottle Topper Combo
Pallet Wrap

End Cap Kit
Table Tent
Recipe Pad w/o Coupon
Insert Card
Price Card
Counter Card
Counter Unit
One Case Bin
Dump Bin
Single Case Display
Aisle Violators

We can design and produce whatever displays you desire. The uniqueness of your display—its shape and its message—requires a supplier that can design, coordinate and deliver a product of the highest quality.

Our display designers produce high-quality prototypes for our customers on our 80” x 120” CAD system. Our turn-key approach to manufacturing and service includes a wide array of possibilities such as:

  • Cutouts: standing figurines & standees
  • Display cards: easel cards, risers,
  • Headers, counter cards, mini-cutouts
  • Case cards: price cards, shelf talkers,
  • Shelf strips & wobblers
  • Pole toppers
  • Table tents
Blank display
“Blank Prototype” Pole Topper

More P.O.P. Samples

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